Scuba Dude

Hi! My name is Nathan, the owner of Naples Pool Leak, and thanks to the internet and Youtube- Ive graciously received my 15 minutes of fame, but still I'm going grab 5 more.

To clear up any confusion, our original site out of Orlando was, when we moved to Naples our web site became Still the same great service with the experts in swimming pool leak detection, just a more accurate name.

Some people get into the leak detection business, but Ive spent over 20 years in the business of leak detection. Ive made training videos and wrote the only book on swimming pool leak detection ever written. Ive worked on the 2nd pool ever built in Florida- It was won on the PRICE IS RIGHT- built on the beach of St. Petersburg and is made out of cinderblock- Still looks good.

I worked on a custom pool in Orlando for the lady who trained the mermaids for the Weeki Wachee under water show. She really enjoyed looking back at her career and the people she got to work with. The huge pool at her home was custom designed with a steep drop off to a deep section. The leak was in her light.

Now I'm in Naples and Ive seen some of the most exotic and expensive pools you can imagine. Whats nice is I have the skill and knowledge to handle such elaborate systems.

There is more and more info on the internet and I am trying to contribute as much as I can: I do my own website so excuse any broken links- The pictures are from my photoshop class.

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